Our business was incorporated in North Carolina in October 2000 under the guidance and expertise of Bart Azzarelli, Jr. Following 15 years of successful business in central Florida leading Dallas 1 Construction and Development, Inc., our division was launched to expand the ministry into the Charlotte marketplace. In July of 2002, the Azzarellis gave 70% of the NC division to Tim Pirc, their first employee in Tampa. By 2004, the Azzarellis had given away the remaining membership interest and returned their full focus to the business in Florida. Bart Azzarelli now serves as an advisor and provides counsel on an ongoing basis. His incredible gift and his passion for Christ-centered relationships and Biblical business principles inspires us to continue building on the sturdy foundation that he formed in the beginning.

Dallas 1 Construction, LLC is a marketplace ministry serving Christ through underground utility construction. Municipal water and sewer main replacement defines 50% of our revenue. A portion of our municipal business comes from connecting new homes, businesses, and developments to the city’s system. On the municipal wing of business, we also engage in water main leak repair, valve repair, valve replacement, and fire hydrant installation. On the private side of business, we specialize in high risk utilities installation for high rise buildings in areas such as uptown Charlotte. The balance of our income is derived from residential and commercial site development including pipe, clearing, grading, concrete, erosion control, roadways, and consulting.

Our senior staff members each have 25 to 30 years of experience in business and/or infrastructure. The experience of our field supervisors and middle managers ranges from 15 to 29 years, each working directly in the business of underground utilities. Most of the pipe we install ranges from 2” to 48” in diameter.

Since October 2000, our company has installed several hundred thousand feet of pipe and thousands of water meter assemblies ranging in size from ¾” domestic and irrigation meters to 12” FMCT.

Most importantly, we give back to the employees, community, region, nation, and the world a significant portion of the company profit to help make a positive impact in areas where we are able to use our gifts and resources to meet needs and spread the love of Christ.